Cassini’s – Feb 6, 2011

Well, 20 PPers showed up at Cassini’s on a beautiful, sunny morning. We could see that the current was pretty strong but not too bad as we got our boats ready for the big adventure. Most of us got in the water and just drifted along waiting for the slowbies to get their stuff ready. We were almost to the bridge by the time the beauty sleepers got in the water.

The paddle downstream was nice and easy and we saw lots of birds. C. Merganzers, GB Herons, BCNHs, a Green Heron, C.Goldeneyes, Ospreys and right before the Hiway 1 bridge a Bald Eagle sitting on a snag out in the river with two Harbor Seals on rocks nearby.

We paddled past the bridge and Joe and I looked at the mysterious lumber pile in the water. He thinks a barge or schooner must have capsized or sunk back in the day to leave the wood the way we see it today. We had paddled about six miles by now and decided it was time for lunch. We headed back upstream to our favorite lunch beach right across from the Willow Creek Campground.

We spread out our food on two blankets and proceeded to chow down. The food was amazing and we had fun sitting in the warm sun, chatting away. Nobody was in a big rush to leave so we stayed there quite a while enjoying the day.

Gradually people started started climbing back into their boats for the paddle back up the river. The current was very weak in the big wide areas but from the Duncan’s Mills Bridge to Cassini’s you had to work pretty hard. There were several fly-fishermen wading in the water at Cassini’s as we paddled to the launch.

While we were debriefing, Liz brought out a couple of her oxygen pillows and ’splained them to a few of us. Barb and I each got one and I must say the darn thing seems to work. The temp had to be 80 or so and nobody seemed to be in a big rush to leave to see a football game.


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