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Nick’s Cove (July 31, 2011)

Well 18 paddlers left Nicks cove in a very foggy but quite still morning. There were some new faces to the group and everyone paddled quite well. We started out on the right side and regrouped by blue gum. We than crossed over and after hog island started to encounter the flood. Several bat rays and seals were spotted. It wasn’t bad for most of it but the further we got, the stronger the flood. We hugged the coast which helped but at one point I caught an eddy and suddenly darted out to the right. After about 4ish miles (not totally accurate) we turned around and rode the fast flood back to Jono’s spot in what felt like only 10 minutes (also not totally accurate). We had our repast and I heard several exclamations of “This is the best PP lunch ever”!! We had literally soup (clam chowder) to nuts and it was oh so good. We sat around and chewed the fat (what a weird expression) and then paddled in whites gulch to look at birds and elk. One lonely stag sounded his beautiful and haunting bugle. Ray tried to imitate but alas failed to gain any lady elks affection. With that being said, we all paddled across and disembarked at Nick’s.

I was told we paddled nine miles which is really a silver standard BUT if you throw in the goodly flood and the extra credit of passing between hog Island and piglet you probably could boast that you paddled gold.

Until next time friends, that is your trip report.
Ellen P


Seatrek to Sausalito (July 24, 2011)

Well, 14 PPers and two without boats showed up to find overcast calm conditions. We got our stuff together and hit the water a little before ten as has been the trend lately.

Off we headed for the bay. Marilyn and Allen were following me as we navigated the various obstacles along the Sausalito waterfront. Full credit required going under the Spinnaker resturaunt and Marilyn steered the big double through the maze no problemo.

We all made it out to the perfume factory and headed for Yellow Bluffs. There were big gusts coming from the South, but in between them it was calm. We decided to go back to the beach next to the PF and regroup. After a nice rest and various biology breaks we headed back towards Sausalito. We hugged the shore and waved to tourists. We learned how to go under the pedestrian bridge to avoid the Saus Ferry.

Joe suggested we stop at Dumphy Park for lunch. We had the usual great spread sitting on the lawn. Marilyn gave salsa lessons to Jessica from Ohio and we we living large. Joe and Sue walked over to the farmers market that was going on at Dumphy while the rest of us soaked up the Saus ambiance.

Off we went for the houseboat tour. We went in and out of every possible channel to see all the various floating homes.

After this tour we all headed back to Seatrek to debrief and chit-chat. We paddled ten miles and had a great day on our beautiful bay.


Thursday Night Paddlers start blog – July 17, 2011

A lot of you know us — we’re the Thursday night paddlers. Just so you know, we finally got around to putting up our kayaking blog: Check us out and join us Thursday nights.

Happing Paddling,
John Boeschen


Lake Sonoma (May 15, 2011)

Hi All,
The campers met at the Park Headquarters at Lake Sonoma at 9:30 Friday morning. (Visitors Center and Fish Hatchery are closed for 6 months due to remodeling).
At the main boat ramp we loaded our kayaks in beautiful sunny 70 degree weather. There was almost no wind. Once loaded we started our adventure to Black Mountain. When we got near Madrone Point we saw 20 or so men in Orange sweatshirts weed eating and removing a tree. There was a fire truck at the top of the hill and a large boat with 2 porta potties at the bottom of the hill. The only thing we could read on the sweatshirt was crew. There was writing below that we were unable to read. We continued on to Black Mountain.
When we arrived at Black Mountain there were some campers still vacating from the night before. I asked them if there was any nocturnal animal activity. They said there were racoons that got in to their boat one night. While they were vacating we had lunch. After they were gone we set up camp. The afternoon was beautiful and sunny with very little wind. That afternoon we saw the orange shirt crew pass in their boat and head towards Sawmill. On their way back they had 2 of the older porta potties. Some camp past ours has 2 new ones. Black mountain has one.
Mid afternoon some birdwatchers stopped by with a spotting scope. I asked them about the Bald Eagles on the other side of the lake and they unfortunately told me that one of them had passed away last week. I do not know anything else about the Bald Eagle. Anyone have any info on this?
Dinner was a nice and all vegeterian. Friday evening was pleasant we sat by the fire and watched the almost full moon. At dusk we heard a Common Poorwill next to our camp.
After we went to bed the nocturnal activities began. First was the moving of a tent to flatter ground (not mine). Then I heard a racoon getting into the garbage can I scared it away. Also during the night the Pig hunters arrived in the next camp Bucks Pasture. This is a no hunting campground. They ran up and down the hill flashlights shining everywhere. I did not hear any gunshot. They finally left. At sunrise a boat of fishermen were nearby. That was the only boat I saw all morning.
When I got up I discovered the racoon tried to get into the cockpit of my kayak. It destroyed the back of the cockpit cover and scratched my seat. Cockpit cover has to be replaced seat is okay. Any one know of a good cockpit cover that racoons can not get thru?
Breakfast was my famous Boy Scout Vegeterian Omelettes. Yummy!!!
During the morning we could see the storm was coming in and we broke down camp. We decided to leave camp around noon and have lunch at the Marina on the way back. We had the wind at our backs all the way back to the Marina which made it a very easy pleasant paddle. We had a nice lunch on the deck of the marina. We ended our campout back at the Public Boat Ramp.

Over the 2 days the following birds and animals were spotted.

Swallows (eating insects at dusk)
Ospreys (saw alot on their own and saw 3 together circling)
Acorn woodpecker (heard them and saw them)
Western Bluebirds (male and female)
Great Blue Herron (flying and perched)
Merganzer ducks
Comerants (flying and perched)
Canada Geese (flying, swimming and on shore)
Common Porwill (heard did not see)

Racoon (saw in garbage can and saw evidence of)
Black-tailed deer (doe)
California Ground Squirrel (on shoreline and by Madrone point)

Any ideas for the next campout? I would like to explore some new areas.


Paddle to the Sea – May 6-June 4, 2011

The Tuolumne River Trust’s 3rd Annual Paddle to the Sea starts May 6th and runs thru June 4th.  245 miles of Scenic River, Delta and Bay paddling from Meral’s Pool on the Tuolumne to Pier 39 in San Francisco in 17 legs.
Paddling: There are sections appropriate for Ski, Outrigger, Sea Kayak, Open Canoe, Raft and Whitewater Kayak.  Distances are as short as 6 miles and as long as 35 miles.  Parties and a Concert also, see
To Donate or sponsor another Paddler go to:

Note: You do not need whitewater experience to join the whitewater rafting section.  All rafts will be guided by professional river guides.  (The dream team for a whitewater raft?  (1) guide + (6) Outrigger paddlers.)

All funds raised go to conservation and restoration efforts the Trust conducts in the Tuolumne Watershed and points downstream which use Tuolumne river water (San Francisco, Modesto and several other Bay Area and Central Valley communities).

Questions?  Drop me an email or talk to the Tuolumne River Trust Staff at 1-888-994-3344
Paddles Up!
-John Dye
Guide, 2011 Paddle to the Sea

Marconi’s, Tomales Bay (April 16, 2011)

Well a doz. or so PPers showed up at the exotic launch ramp at Marconi’s for a day on Tomales Bay. It was cool, foggy and breezy, Kris felt right at home. Being from Pacifica she has 15 different words for fog. Donut-less John showed up but decided to stay on the East shore as he’s nursing a sore wing.

We headed across a lumpy bay to try to find the sharks at Shell Beach. None were spotted so we proceeded to Heart’s Desire where we regrouped and made a new plan. We decided to head for Marshall Beach but about half way there we decided to go back to HD and have lunch.

JC got the Barby going and soon sausages and bait were cooking away. We also had Marilyn’s hot stew and some groovy salads. The chit-chat was flying and everyone was having a jovial time.

We kept eyeballing the bay and decided to cross before the current started ebbing. The paddle back across was a piece of cake, we even got in a little surfing when headed down wind. Everyone made it back in fine style and we had fun debriefing.


Wingo found – Trip report (March 31, 2011)

8 paddlers launched at Hudeman Slough boat launch at 10:40am on
3/31/11. Tide prediction for Wingo was high of 5.1 at 12:49pm.
Conditions were warm, sunny and windless.

The flood current was moving briskly past the dock at the launch and
we opted to take the shorter route (Hudeman Slough > Second Napa
Slough > Third Napa Slough > unnamed “cut”> Sonoma Creek) to minimize
our time going against the current. It was only a mile or so from the
launch to where we turned up Third Napa Slough and then the current
was with us. Three more miles of easy paddling got us to Sonoma
Creek and the ghost town of Wingo. The dock was narrow and tippy but
it was adequate for our small group with some kayaks pulled up on the
bank after disembarking.

After some exploring we sat on the dock to enjoy a delicious picnic
lunch and the glorious Spring day. We paddled back the same way and
it was easy going until we turned onto Second Napa Slough and then we
had to go against the now ebbing current for the last mile.

Total distance paddled 8.71 miles

Hi paddlers,

My back rehab has priority so I donated my beautiful Cypress kayak to, a group recommended by Gregg Berman.  I am so happy that one day my kayak will get to Angel Island on one of their overnights for special needs kids.  I had a great year and a half on the water, including the fabulous Elba Island kayak trip sponsored by CCK in Oakland (it is a must for your bucket list; you can register on CCK website).

I will keep reading the trip reports and be OTW with you, albeit vicariously.


Laguna – Feb. 27, 2011

I think there were 8 of us who showed up @ 10:00 for a LBB (laid back bunch) paddle on the Laguna, posted by Larry S. It was the perfect number, as we filled the little parking turnout. It was nice to meet Flo & Joaquin who I almost feel I know from their posts here, but had never paddled with them. The weather was clear & warm and the water was a nice manure color. We straggled toward town until blocked by brush & flow, then back under the bridge until blocked by Ludwigia within 1/4 mi of the bridge. We were unable to find a way through to the big “lake” and thus on to the north. I was eqippted with saw & lopers, but needed a machete on my bow.

We were off the water by about 12:30, without sharing food, so I’m not sure if this qualifies as a PP paddle if that is defined as an eating club with a paddling disorder.

There is a definite need for more LBB paddles for those who are scared off by the A team in their kevlar sea kayaks.

Tofu Larry

Estero Americano – Feb. 27, 2011

Well, ten PPers showed up on a chilly clear morning. There was a bit of current (ebb) and we paddled in it basically all day. The trip to the mouth was pretty darn fast and we had a little trouble finding the channel because the water was murky and we couldn’t see the channel.

We got to the beach and it was then I remembered that I forgot to bring the grill. In true PPer style Bill and Geno grabbed that old crab trap that’s been there for a few years and used it for the purpose. Lunch was fabulous with meatloaf and spaghetti and sausages and chicken salad and Allan brought hard boiled eggs that were terrific.

After lunch, some hiked some snoozed and some chatted. The temp was very  pleasant, basically shirtsleeve, and the breeze was tiny. We hauled our stuff back to the boats and noticed the water had dropped and it was still ebbing.  Most of the way back we were doing 3.5 mph so we were fighting a 1mph ebb. We watched a couple of WT Kites chasing crows away from a tree we think they had a nest in.

Back at the launch the water had dropped maybe a little over a foot. The ocean had dropped about four feet in the same time. The distance was a little over 11 miles. We packed up and debriefed and headed home for Nascar and the Academy Awards.