Wingo found – Trip report (March 31, 2011)

8 paddlers launched at Hudeman Slough boat launch at 10:40am on
3/31/11. Tide prediction for Wingo was high of 5.1 at 12:49pm.
Conditions were warm, sunny and windless.

The flood current was moving briskly past the dock at the launch and
we opted to take the shorter route (Hudeman Slough > Second Napa
Slough > Third Napa Slough > unnamed “cut”> Sonoma Creek) to minimize
our time going against the current. It was only a mile or so from the
launch to where we turned up Third Napa Slough and then the current
was with us. Three more miles of easy paddling got us to Sonoma
Creek and the ghost town of Wingo. The dock was narrow and tippy but
it was adequate for our small group with some kayaks pulled up on the
bank after disembarking.

After some exploring we sat on the dock to enjoy a delicious picnic
lunch and the glorious Spring day. We paddled back the same way and
it was easy going until we turned onto Second Napa Slough and then we
had to go against the now ebbing current for the last mile.

Total distance paddled 8.71 miles

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  • Folks, I’m trying to find out what tide level is necessary for kayaks to go through those sloughs: Dutchman, Hudeman, China, South, and the Napa Sloughs.

    Can you help me?


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