Nick’s Cove (July 31, 2011)

Well 18 paddlers left Nicks cove in a very foggy but quite still morning. There were some new faces to the group and everyone paddled quite well. We started out on the right side and regrouped by blue gum. We than crossed over and after hog island started to encounter the flood. Several bat rays and seals were spotted. It wasn’t bad for most of it but the further we got, the stronger the flood. We hugged the coast which helped but at one point I caught an eddy and suddenly darted out to the right. After about 4ish miles (not totally accurate) we turned around and rode the fast flood back to Jono’s spot in what felt like only 10 minutes (also not totally accurate). We had our repast and I heard several exclamations of “This is the best PP lunch ever”!! We had literally soup (clam chowder) to nuts and it was oh so good. We sat around and chewed the fat (what a weird expression) and then paddled in whites gulch to look at birds and elk. One lonely stag sounded his beautiful and haunting bugle. Ray tried to imitate but alas failed to gain any lady elks affection. With that being said, we all paddled across and disembarked at Nick’s.

I was told we paddled nine miles which is really a silver standard BUT if you throw in the goodly flood and the extra credit of passing between hog Island and piglet you probably could boast that you paddled gold.

Until next time friends, that is your trip report.
Ellen P


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