Marconi’s, Tomales Bay (April 16, 2011)

Well a doz. or so PPers showed up at the exotic launch ramp at Marconi’s for a day on Tomales Bay. It was cool, foggy and breezy, Kris felt right at home. Being from Pacifica she has 15 different words for fog. Donut-less John showed up but decided to stay on the East shore as he’s nursing a sore wing.

We headed across a lumpy bay to try to find the sharks at Shell Beach. None were spotted so we proceeded to Heart’s Desire where we regrouped and made a new plan. We decided to head for Marshall Beach but about half way there we decided to go back to HD and have lunch.

JC got the Barby going and soon sausages and bait were cooking away. We also had Marilyn’s hot stew and some groovy salads. The chit-chat was flying and everyone was having a jovial time.

We kept eyeballing the bay and decided to cross before the current started ebbing. The paddle back across was a piece of cake, we even got in a little surfing when headed down wind. Everyone made it back in fine style and we had fun debriefing.


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