Estero Americano – Feb. 27, 2011

Well, ten PPers showed up on a chilly clear morning. There was a bit of current (ebb) and we paddled in it basically all day. The trip to the mouth was pretty darn fast and we had a little trouble finding the channel because the water was murky and we couldn’t see the channel.

We got to the beach and it was then I remembered that I forgot to bring the grill. In true PPer style Bill and Geno grabbed that old crab trap that’s been there for a few years and used it for the purpose. Lunch was fabulous with meatloaf and spaghetti and sausages and chicken salad and Allan brought hard boiled eggs that were terrific.

After lunch, some hiked some snoozed and some chatted. The temp was very  pleasant, basically shirtsleeve, and the breeze was tiny. We hauled our stuff back to the boats and noticed the water had dropped and it was still ebbing.  Most of the way back we were doing 3.5 mph so we were fighting a 1mph ebb. We watched a couple of WT Kites chasing crows away from a tree we think they had a nest in.

Back at the launch the water had dropped maybe a little over a foot. The ocean had dropped about four feet in the same time. The distance was a little over 11 miles. We packed up and debriefed and headed home for Nascar and the Academy Awards.


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