Nick’s Cove, Tomales Bay – Jan. 23, 2011

Well, 18 PPers showed up at Nick’s for a fine day on Tomales. We got started paddling towards Tom’s point where we regrouped and scanned the bay for spouts (no luck). We proceeded towards the mouth and got pretty well spread out. Those with radios discussed the situation and it was decided to head back to Jono’s Beach in White’s Gulch.

On the way back a little offshore breeze came up making the water around the points kind of fluffy. We rounded the corner into White’s Gulch to find warm toasty conditions. We spotted a Perigrine stooping and making a full speed dive on a duck. He missed, but it was exciting to see. We broke out lunch and proceeded to repast. Lori brought shrimp but being a vegetarian she didn’t understand the frozen solid thing (the sun soon took care of the problem).

The park service stopped by in their snazzy boat to make sure nothing illegal was happening and everyone was getting into the sit in the sun thing as the temp was 75 or so. Soon some of us were down by the water comparing binoculars.  Then Dick demonstrated the trick he discovered using a Greenland paddle. If you hold one blade to your ear and move the other blade back and forth through the water, the sound is amazing.

The paddle back to Nick’s was very pleasant. We packed up and chit-chatted to our heart’s content.


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