Walker Creek – Nov. 25, 2010


Only 2 showed up (with one boat) at Walker’s Creek early this morning.  There was ice on the puddles in the parking lot.

We launched by 9, and were no more than a mile up the Creek when we saw a family of 6 otters, sunning themselves on the left bank.  They showed no fear as we slowly went by.

Before the picnic spot we saw another family 0f 6  big, healthy, skeek otters, then we saw why: one had about a 30″ salmon, which he was noisily eating .

We went up as far as we could, then back; same two families were still there.  The salmon was gone [fully consumed].  Both sets appears much larger than the EA otters, and looked to be in great shape.

Also saw–4 deer, 5 GBH, 4 quail, and some very small aquatic birds I need to look up.

There was no one else at Walker’s.  The tide was coming in and it was cloudless.  We spent a good deal of time staring at the otters, and they stared back.  They were mildly interested in us.

Marilyn and I, having cheated death (there was zero wind) celebrated by retreating to Nick’s for a nice lunch.


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