Walker Creek, Tomales Bay – Oct. 23, 2010

Well 5 PPers showed up at Nick’s ( Allan, Phil, C.Larry, Bill and I ) to find conditions not too bad and highly doable. We figured the big storm would hit Sat eve and Sun, at least that’s what the NWS said.

We headed off for Walker Creek figuring it would be a good place to go on a rainy, breezy day. The tide was with us and we flew along with a nice tailwind. We got to our usual lunch spot in short order only to find the area completely overgrown with Alders. We had to bushwhack to get to our usual spot and decided to just eat on the beach. Marilyn sent Phil with a hotpot full of chicken, rice and pork. Allan made a beautiful salad to which Bill added some nice cherry tomatoes. There was the usual multi-cheese and bread deal happening.

The weather was getting pretty interesting as we piled back into out boats just as the ebb started. It was getting rather gusty amd the rain was increasing as we paddled back to Tomales. By the time we were in sight of Tomales Bay it was apparent that we were in for an interesting paddle.

We decided to exit the creek and skirt the marsh and head for the Marin shore. The waves were breaking close to shore so it paid to get a little ways out where the waves were big but not breaking. Allan was paddling with Bill and got hit by a big wave which dumped him. The water was shallow but it took he and Bill awhile to get regrouped and underway.

We headed for the old oyster colony to regroup. The old Necky’s with their sweet rocker and rudders handled the conditions admirably. Larry’s boat with high ends and no rocker or rudder sure made his paddle interesting. He got lots of practice bracing, correction stroking, making little headway and cussing.

We finally all arrived at the oyster colony and while we could have continued paddling, some were more than glad to call it quits. Bill and I walked to Nick’s to get our trucks. We drove back, parked on the shoulder and proceed to lug our boats up to the road. Thankfully Bill ( today’s hero ) brought his flatbed so we were able to get his, Phil’s and Larry’s boat loaded. Phil rode in the back of my truck. We drove back to Nick’s, tired and wet. We regrouped and sorted out our gear.

I would estimate that the wind at the mouth of Walker Creek was about 30mph. The waves were big and the rain was intense. So much for the storm coming in Saturday evening. I think I’m going to subscribe to iwindsurf as those boys understand forecasting and wind.


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