Rescue Workshop – September 11, 2010, Chicken Ranch Beach (Inverness, CA)

It’s a go!

Who should attend?

Everyone! We can survey the group to get a good idea of skill and interest levels. Then break out accordingly. The Paddle Float and the T-Rescue will be our main focus. They are the most reliable rescues. Once we have everyone on board with those we can move to the what if questions and the rescues that best suit the situation (The High Heel, Cleopatra’s Needle, use of the sling, All In, towing, the scramble, the Scoop, Reentry Roll).

What should you bring?

Water (there is no drinking water at chicken ranch), food, sunscreen, nose plugs, wetsuit or dry suit, foot wear, synthetic base layers, paddle float, bilge pump, sling, of course your boat with skirt and paddle. I find that if people eat before rescues, at the hottest point of the day, they are less likely to get fatigued.

How can I prepare?

1) Stretching and/or Yoga. I once taught a class for UC Berkeley. A woman named Annie May (in her late 60′s) left four twenty somethings in the dust. When it came to rescues she was just more flexible and balanced. When asked her secret she said, “years of Yoga.”

2) Read up on the rescues so that if you have never done them you at least have a rough idea of what they are.

3) Bring a positive attitude. Let’s have fun. We will get some rescues and struggle with others. It’s ok if you don’t get them right away. No matter what your ability there are rescues out there for you. You might have to be the one to invent them, but I am sure you can do it!

Google “Chicken Ranch Beach Inverness, CA.” Google map says that Chicken Ranch Beach is in Marshall, CA which maybe confusing because Marshall is on the eastern side of Tomales Bay (we will be on the western side). I’m pretty sure it’s Inverness. Maybe one of you locals can explain this. Parking is limited so please car pool if you can and park conservatively. There will be plenty of people to help with unloading boats.

See you there!

Leo Siecienski

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