Kayak Multiday Touring Checklist (from REI)

Note: This list is intentionally extensive; not every paddler will bring every item on every outing.

Kayak basics

Kayak Signaling devices (whistle, mirror, flares)

Paddle (1 per paddler), plus spare Towline/floating throw line (w/throw bag)

Personal floatation device (1 per paddler) Paddle leash

Extra PFD Paddle float

Spray skirt Float tubes

Dry bags (for gear organization) Sea anchor

Spare deck bungee cords Bailer or bilge pump

Weather/VHF radio Sponges

______________________ ______________________

Core gear

Maps and charts in waterproof case First-aid supplies (see our First-aid checklist)

Compass Sunglasses

GPS Sunscreen

Matches/lighter/fire starter in waterproof container Lip balm

Knife or multi-tool Water bottles (filled)

Two-way radios Water treatment method

Cell phone in protective bag Backup water treatment (e.g., halogens)

Multifunction watch Energy food (bars, gels, trail mix)

Headlamp or flashlight (with extra batteries) Beverages or powdered drinks

______________________ ______________________

Camp options (see our Backpacking or Family Camping checklists for more options beyond these basics)

Tent, tarp or bivy sack Insect repellent (plus headnet, if needed)

Sleeping bag Toilet paper and sanitation trowel

Sleeping pad Hand sanitizer

Meals and snacks Camera

Cooler (with ice) Binoculars

Stove and fuel Packable lantern

Cookset and utensils Credit card; small amount of cash

Dishes, bowls and cups Trip itinerary left w/friend + under car seat

______________________ ______________________

Clothing options

Dry suit or top Moisture-wicking T-shirt

Paddling gloves or pogies Moisture-wicking underwear

Neoprene footwear Rashguard

Sandals Swimsuit

Helmet Shorts or convertible pants

Sun-shielding hat Sun-shielding shirt (long sleeves) and pants

Hat or cap retainer Spray jacket or rainwear (jacket and pants)

Skullcap Synthetic vest or jacket (for insulation)

Bandanna or buff Synthetic pants (for insulation)

Wool/synthetic cap or balaclava Synthetic gloves or mittens

______________________ ______________________

Repair-kit options

Sealant (such as Aquaseal) Putty

Bailing wire (copper, small roll) Replacement nuts/bolts

Nylon cord (or bungee cords) Duct tape

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