June 20, 2010: Heart’s Desire

Hearts Desire should be a mighty fine place to be this Sunday. For those interested, there an impressive patch of Western azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) that shouldn’t be missed. They are located back from Indian Beach on the fire road perhaps 200 yards from the beach on the uphill side of the road. The western azalea (I took the attached photo a couple of hours ago) is not only one of our prettiest native flowers, it also one of the most fragrant. First thing in the morning I can often smell the fowers before I see them.

Pt Reyes Joe

Joe says the best time for seeing the Western Azalea is just before Father's Day to just after July 4th.

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  • What a nice paddle it was today. The weather and the water were great on Tomales Bay. I got to see lots of sharks and rays and of course our wonderful lunch. And lets not forget our special guest ROCKY the raccoon! Many thanks to everyone, what a nice group, hope to hook up with you all soon!


  • Father’s Day at Heart’s Desire: A clear, beautiful morning with the promise
    of 70’ temperatures and a small craft advisory by noon. Paddlers arriving
    and arriving. The bustle of getting boats and gear to the beach. So many
    paddlers with staggered arrivals, we cannot conduct a head count at the
    launch. A large flock of American White Pelicans rides an updraft high in
    the clear blue sky just north of the put in. It focuses our attention and
    is a portent of the happy day to come. Setting out north with the ebb, the
    opposing wind refreshes and creates some fun wave action. We anticipate
    some surfing opportunities on the way back. With our sizable group spread
    out, we head towards Laird’s Landing, our boats slapping up and down in the
    waves. An osprey with a fish in its claws passes overhead. A seal studies
    us as we pass. Many leopard sharks and bat rays are observed. At Laird’s
    some turn back and some continue on as the wind builds. We test our boats
    and our skills in the waves and surf. What fun to catch the waves and ride
    them over and over. Back at beach the charcoal is started and out comes
    the food and drink. All manner of salads appear on the table and a variety
    of links, brats and sausages make it to the grill. Eating, laughing,
    talking, our clamorous group of twenty was in high spirits. Soon four more
    appeared and the feasting began again. It is most likely that we achieved a
    100% return rate but due to the designless launch and return times, this
    remains unconfirmed.

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