Heart’s Desire – Nov. 13, 2010

A total of 7 folks paddled from Hearts Desire to Chicken Ranch on a most gorgeous autumn morning. We figured we traveled a total of 4-5 miles. The Bay offered full sun, mild air, quiet gentle waters & some wildlife. We traveled in two groups, following is what we saw and heard: over fifty Moon Jellies (9 inch diameter) dancing, somersaulting, and just hanging out; over 20 Leopard Sharks (some 5 foot long) basking and sunny on an underwater sand bar; 2 Great Blue Herons; a friendly Brown Pelican, who followed us back to the beach; a Cormorant resting in a low growing tree; an Osprey, just cruising overhead; closeup views of the orange Marine Algae growing on the cliffs, along with gurgling sounds coming from the various caves; Lush, Healthy Eel Grass beds, a Western Grebe; a pair of floating Loons, 5 adorable Least Grebes; Hollow, wooshing sounds of ducks taking off as we approached.

We debriefed as we munched our lunches at picnic table on Hearts Desire. Ahh! another day on our Beautiful Bay.


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