California Kayaker Magazine

Surf Article in Sea Kayaker Magazine — it’s the February issue. Here’s a link to the table of contents:

More info for once you read the article:
All shots of boat wake surfing were done by Bob Stender and taken behind his boat in Lake Sonoma.

The wind wave shots both on the contents page and in the article are by Anders Landin and taken at the Berkely Marina just off the point where the restaurant is as it’s consistantly windy in the afternoons.

The tide race shot is by Amy Byers and is in Yellow Bluff. Though I prfer the rip at Raccon Straights is quite a bit harder to get pictures there.

There is a part two of the article about ocean waves which will feature photos by Anders Landin as well.

Also you can check out my boat fit article in Peter’s California Kayaker Magazine (winter issue) to get even more from your surf session. Here’s a link to his website and to the winter issue:

Whether you like the articles or not, I’d love to here peoples thoughts, comments, suggestions etc whether in open forum or back channel.
Gregg Berman :o )

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