Once again we are in bioluminescence season. Dick and a few others mentioned Drakes Estero. Let’s do it this year. The light-show gets going about an hour after sundown. Foggy moonless nights with no wind are best. My calculation (it can vary a day or so) of moonless nights is as follows:

July 29th to August 11th Note that this is an excellent time to see the Perseid meteor shower, especially toward the end of this period. Ellen, Chocolate Larry and I saw them last year…..There was a light show in the water and in the sky, sensational. Aug 12th is the best night for the Perseids but there is a crescent moon setting at 9:30. Hmmm, it might be worth going that night anyway.

August 28th to September 10th

September 27th to October 9th

If you don’t have a kayak or the skills to make you comfortable on the water at night several outfitters go out:

Other things to note: We found a small night stick on the stern (Dollar Store) helpful to keep track of everyone. A flashlight or headlight is a must. I bring a small spare just in case. Apparently, someone got lost in the fog last year. They made it back but it was a bit freaky. Bring a compass or GPS. If it’s windy at the launch wait a while. The wind oftendissipates at sunset. I don’t recommend going out if there is wind. Don’t go alone. Bring your marine radio. Make sure you have good self-rescue skills, etc.

Pt Reyes Joe

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